Student Resources

The Davidson Library

The Davidson Library has a great range of resources that are designed to enhance your learning, from its extremely dedicated staff to its extensive online databases.  It will be helpful to your diving deeper into the issues and topics we discuss, and invaluable in your work on your final research project.  A team of librarians is available to answer questions and assist students with their research, online and in-person.  Learn more here:

 The Writing Center

 For students who want to improve the quality of their writing, the Writing Center provides a wide range of support to improve the writing skills of Davidson College students.  Through collaboration with a tutor, students can assess their own writing process and learn to write more effectively.  Ultimately, the Writing Center strives to create better writers, not just better papers.  In the Writing Center, trained peer tutors work with students at any stage in the writing process – from pre-writing to fine-tuning a finished draft – and for assignments in classes across the curriculum or for personal projects such as cover letters.  More information about the Writing Center and its services is available at their website,

The Speaking Center

For those students who would like to improve their public speaking skills, the Speaking Center at Davidson College offers the services of trained student tutors to support speaking across the curriculum. At any point of the process, from selecting a set of arguments to delivering a speech, the Center can assist students in learning to speak, and speaking to learn.  No appointment is necessary; tutors see students on a first-come, first-served basis.  Located in Chambers B39 in the north basement, the Speaking Center includes private rooms, a camera and playback equipment, and resource materials to help students collaborate with tutors. Students wishing to keep copies of their presentations can bring recordable DVDs (available in the Bookstore).  More information about the Speaking Center is available at

 Study Skills and Time Management Support

 For those of you interested in improving your study skills and time management skills, the Center for Teaching and Learning has produced several useful videos that are hosted on its website.  These videos discuss how to reduce your anxiety around coursework, “strategic studying,” and Time Management using Outlook.  All students should check these resources out if they have not already.  The website address for these videos is  You can also schedule an academic coaching session with staff from the Center for Teaching and Learning – you can learn more about these sessions here:

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