Welcome to Theory to Action!  This site is designed to explore how ideas and concepts from the social sciences can help us understand and solve real-world challenges, from partisan gridlock in the US Congress to air pollution in China.  The site will highlight both how particular political and social theories can inform political and social action, and how such action can likewise inform and improve these theories.

This site is a project of Dr. Graham Bullock, a Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies at Davidson College.  It includes posts from Dr. Bullock and students in his classes.  It also provides a list of resources for students that might be helpful to them as they work on their projects and assignments.  These assignments are all designed — either implicitly or explicitly — to explore the connection between theory and action.

Posts and pages on this site provide general information about the connection between theory to action as well as general advice to students in Dr. Bullock’s classes.   To learn more about how theory can inform action (and vice versa) in the more specific contexts of leadership and entrepreneurship, information politics, environmental politics, and environmental issues more generally, please click on the links below:

Environmental Social Sciences: Theory to Action

Environmental Politics: Theory to Action

Politics of Information: Theory to Action

Leaders vs. Entrepreneurs: Theory to Action

To learn more about Dr. Bullock’s other areas of teaching and research, please visit his website at grahambullock.com.

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